Lerner Publishing Group Creating New Books in Native American Language

Lerner Publishing has announced a new collaboration to help revitalize the Ojibwe language, by releasing a new paperback series translated by Natvie Ojibwe speakers!

Well here’s something super cool! Lerner publishing has partnered with Midwest Indigenous Immersion Network (MIIN) to develop all new books in the Ojibwe language for younger readers. The new books will kick off this Fall, with the goal to not only promote Indigenous stories and culture, but also help revitalize the language. As a Native American myself, who understands the threat of language’s vanishing, I can’t hype this up enough and would love to see it expand to other tribes as well down the line. Just sign me up for all of this:

Three new paperback series translated by native Ojibwe speakers will be available for young readers on August 1, 2024. The Let's Look at Fall series from Pull Ahead Readers features both fiction and nonfiction titles that explore how the season of fall changes the animals, the plants, the people, and the world around us. The Read about Community Helpers series from Read for a Better World™ covers common professions like teachers, firefighters, and doctors, and focuses on how these important people contribute to the community they live in.
“There is a great need for books that support Ojibwe language revitalization and Lerner Publishing Group has been a wonderful partner for this project,” said Gimiwan Dustin Burnette, Executive Director of the Midwest Indigenous Immersion Network. “We hope our students are instilled with a sense of pride in these new classroom materials because of the quality of books that Lerner publishes. These books will populate both homes and classrooms and will be an incredible boon for the language learning community.”
“We are honored to partner with the Midwest Indigenous Immersion Network to bring these books to Ojibwe language learners,” said Adam Lerner, Publisher and CEO of Lerner Publishing Group. “These books will be used in classrooms and libraries, and we hope they can also be used as a tool in homes to reinforce language learning for kids, adults, and the entire family.”
The launch in Fall 2024 will feature 16 books across both series, with plans for more books in the future. Each book is translated with care and features compelling storytelling that will foster a deeper appreciation for the Ojibwe language. With less than 60 first language speakers of Ojibwe left in the United States, these books will serve as valuable tools for language revitalization.

For more information about the books and where to find them, head on over to Lernerbooks.com.



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