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Princess of Dune is a Curious Return to Arrakis | Review

Princess of Dune offers fans a new standalone story in the Dune universe that's engaging enough to keep you reading, even as it feels out of place.

Heart-Shaped Box Provides Evergreen Chills | Review

Even though "Heart-Shaped Box" has been out for over 15 years, this book is absolutely evergreen and deserves a spot on your reading list...

Wanderers | Review

Wanderers spins a tale of modern Armageddon, complete with mysterious diseases, zealots, and an AI system that may not be what it seems.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Stories of Light and Dark | Review

The Clone Wars might be over, but Star Wars fans can still get their fix with the latest anthology release from Disney Publishing.

Star Wars: Thrawn | Review

Timothy Zahn returns to give Star Wars fans the canonical origins for Thrawn's service in the Empire, in an engaging new story.

Magic the Gathering – War of the Spark: Forsaken | Review

The War of the Spark continues in the action-packed Magic the Gathering sequel, Forsaken.


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The West Passage | Review

The West Passage by Jared Pechaček takes readers on a journey alongside Pell and Kew as they navigate through the Palace full of grotesque and whimsical creatures.

The Spellshop is a Delightful Summer Treat | Review

Sarah Beth Durst’s The Spellshop is the perfect cozy romance pick me up to cure your summertime sadness!

Poolside Page-Turners: Psychological Thrillers Perfect for Summer Reading

If you're a fan of spine-chilling suspense, intricate plots,...

Scholastic Announces 5th Installment in The Hunger Games Series

Fans of The Hunger Games have a new book to look forward to, as Scholastic has announced Suzanne Collins' latest installment to the series, Sunrise on the Reaping.