Peter F. Hamilton Writing Two Novels Based on the Exodus Video Game

Random House Worlds has announced they’re working with renowned author, Peter F. Hamilton, to pen two novels to explore the universe of the recently announced Sci-Fi RPG, Exodus.

Remember that really awesome looking action-RPG, Exodus, that was announced during The Game Awards last month? The one starring Matthew McConaughey made by the people who created the original Mass Effect games? Yeah, it looks all kinds of incredible and now we’re getting some books that will take gamers deeper into that universe.

Random House Worlds has announced a new Exodus duology, penned by Peter F. Hamilton, which will kick off this September with Exodus: The Archimedes Engine. Here’s the initial synopsis:

Forty-thousand years ago, humanity fled a dying Earth. Traveling in massive ark ships these brave pioneers spread out across the galaxy to find a new home. After traveling thousands of light-years, one fleet of ark ships arrived at Centauri, a dense cluster of stars with thousands of potentially habitable planets. The survivors of Earth signaled to the remaining ark ships that humanity had finally found its new home among the stars.

Thousands of years later, the Centauri Cluster has flourished. The original settlers evolved into advanced beings known as Celestials, dividing themselves into powerful Dominions. One of the most influential is that of the Crown Celestials, an alliance of five great houses that controls vast areas of Centauri. As ark ships continue to arrive, the remaining humans and their descendants must fight for survival against overwhelming odds or be forced into serving the Crown Dominion.

Among those yearning for a better life is Finn, for whom Earth is not even a memory, but merely a footnote from humanity’s ancient history. Born on one of the Crown Dominion worlds, Finn has known nothing but the repressive rule of the Celestials, though he dreams of the possibility of boundless space beyond his home.

When another ark ship from Earth, previously thought lost, unexpectedly arrives, Finn sees his chance to embrace a greater destiny and become a Traveler – brave heroes dedicated to ensuring humanity’s future by journeying into the vast unknown of distant space.

To mark the announcement, the author (who also serves as a creative consultant on the game) issued this statement:

“I’ve been a published author for thirty years now, and most of my books are space operas. I write in that part of the genre because it enables grand ideas to flourish. Yet this book is different for me. I’ve never written anything this far into the future before. The fact that it’s set in AD 43,000 was the main reason I signed on to the project. It granted me the ability to explore places, societies, and technology right out there on the edge of the fantastical. No science fiction author could resist the opportunity to push their imagination out to the kind of extreme that this timeframe allows. Simply writing it was a wonderful experience, which you’ll hopefully share when you read it.”

Meanwhile, Creative Director James Ohlen had this to say:

“I have been a huge fan of Peter F. Hamilton since his earliest novels. He creates fantastic science-fiction worlds, with a level of detail that transports the reader to the center of an action-packed story that feels so real, it blurs the lines between our world and his. I am thrilled to have him as a partner on EXODUS helping us to create this new sci-fi video game world for the EXODUS franchise that will engage players for years to come.”

Exodus: The Archimedes Engine hits bookshelves on September 17, 2024. Pre-orders are live now just about anywhere books are sold.

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