Short Story Spotlight: Why ‘Yours’ Should Be Your Next Quick Read

It’s not every day that I write up a short story, but when “Yours” came to my attention, I knew it was something I had to share. The story captures the essence of what makes a quick read so compelling, especially when it delves into the realms of horror and thriller. Its gripping narrative and haunting twists make it a perfect choice for anyone who loves a dash of dread with their drama.

From the publisher:

Imagine a book so unique it reveals something different to everyone who opens it.

When newspaper clippings lead to the discovery of a man’s long lost parents, then an award winning recipe, an inspirational novel, a map, medical advice, lottery numbers, self-help guidance, Yours proves it can provide whatever your heart desires…For a cost.

But who is willing to pay the price? What will they do with all the power they obtain from opening it? And how long will it be before someone, or everyone, allows that power to consume them?

YOURS is the intro into a collection of short horrors that prove you can’t judge a book by its cover. Or its contents.

Come along for the ride in this short story of prosperity, obsession, power and addiction from the Author who brought you Yours Truly and Forever Yours, the second and third tales in the collection, available now exclusively on Amazon.


If you’re a fan of masterful suspense and eerie atmospheres, this short story is a must-read.



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Emilia Valentine
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